Swing Gate Motors

Wing Gate Motors

Swing gate motor products are automation solutions for 90-degree doors, also known as swing doors. They are offered as a complete package with all parts to make the gate fully automatic. There are two types of Swing gate motor products as piston and knuckle arm. These two types of products are highly efficient and are not a selection criterion. Both types of products can be preferred, the most important situation is the intensity of use of the gate, single wing weight and single wing length values.

As a result of these values, an appropriate choice can be made. If your gate is a gate that will be used intensively, it is absolutely necessary to choose models with intensive use feature operating with 24V DC current. If there is a need for a detached use, 220V AC motor options will be a better choice.

After this selection, Swing gate motor products are differentiated according to weight and length. All models offer a variable weight / length graph. You can easily make this decision by browsing these graphs or looking at the recommended weight / length range on our site. As the length decreases, the weight that the Swing gate motor can lift will increase, and as the length increases, it will naturally decrease.

Swing gate motors require a more difficult and careful installation process compared to sliding gate motor products. If the correct angles are not provided in these products, which act as driving from the hinge part of the gate, an inefficient system is installed. Inefficient system may cause problems such as slow opening and freezing when opening and closing. Apart from these, problems such as costly repairs and very short system life arise. Making a very sensitive choice about installation and getting service from a company and an authorised dealer of the brand from which you can easily get support afterwards often gives a good result. Circular gate motor products are offered as a set in the form of a single-wing set for single-wing doors and a double-wing set for double-wing doors. You can get help from us while determining the product suitable for your needs and you can choose the product that will offer you the best price / performance ratio.

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