Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms

All warranties offered for the products are parts warranties and the duration of the warranty is stated on the product page. The general duration of the parts warranty is offered by the representative of the relevant brand in your country. Extended warranties are our responsibility.

To track your product warranties, there is a page called "Warranty Product List" on your My Account page. After your orders are "Delivered", your warranty processes start automatically.

What is a Parts Warranty?

A parts warranty is provided by supplying parts if a part on the product breaks down in less than the warranty period. The product failure can be detected by yourself, specialised dealers in your region, or by the brand's representative in your country. This is usually a process that can take up to 1-2 months and you have to disassemble the product, ship it and cover the shipping costs (outgoing shipping fee and arrival shipping fee). The representative receives the product, if there is no situation caused by the incorrect assembly and if it is determined to be a faulty product, it replaces the faulty part with a new part and ships the product back. This process works the same for all products in this category and all brands.

If the 1-2 month process is not suitable for you, if you can send us a video of the product during operation so that we can identify the faulty part, our expert detection team will quickly identify the problem in the engine and help you decide which product to buy. We usually deliver the product to you within 2-7 days with express shipping. We provide how this part should be installed and all other details with Whatsapp quick support and videos. We also offer a 10% discount coupon for spare parts if your product is purchased from us (contact for details)

If you have questions that confuse you, you can contact us without hesitation and get answers. The form on our contact page or Whatsapp are the two fastest ways you can reach us.

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