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Sliding Gate Rack

Gate racks products are also known as sliding gate motor gear. It provides the movement of the gate by sitting on the outer pinion gear of the motor in sliding doors. The power of the motor from the internal gear is transferred to the outer gear and the outer gear pulls the gate along the strip rack gear and performs right and left movements. The racks gears that provide all the movement are included in all set, ie kit products as 4 metres as standard. For doors over 4 metres long, full opening of the gate is ensured with the addition of extra gear. Otherwise, since the gate will only move along a gear of 4 metres, it provides an opening of 4 metres. By obtaining a sliding gate rack up to the full gate length, your gate is opened fully and perfectly.

Gate racks are divided into different types according to the weight and sometimes density of the gate. If you have a very light and residential type gate, choosing a plastic coated racks provides both the advantage of quiet operation and provides easy assembly and a clean installation without welding and burn marks.

However, if your gate has a standard weight, choosing 8mm steel gear will provide a much more robust system. This gear type is the standard and most preferred gears in all sets. It offers a smooth and robust system up to high weights. If you are going to get support for assembly or if you have welding knowledge, 8mm. steel gear is the best choice. Of course, you need to take into account the welding traces and slightly noisy working situations arising from welding.

Your last option is to choose 12mm. thick gear. These gears are more suitable for doors with high weight or very high intensity use because they are thicker and offer a longer lasting system.

You can simply add the needed meter of sliding gate racks to the set content from the product page of all sliding gate motor products. You can also take advantage of the option of purchasing with plastic gears in motors with suitable weight capacity, that is, for light doors.

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