Safety Photocells

Safety Photocell

Safety photocell products are infrared sensor products responsible for ensuring the safety of the system in all automatic access systems. Photocells are positioned mutually and the image between each other is broken if an object enters between them. In case of breakage, they prevent most of the possible jams by giving the system a stop or reverse command. Although they are offered as 1 set in the standard packages of the systems, they can be used by positioning more than one to increase safety. Thus, measures can be taken for every danger from every angle. Most of the photocells are compatible with all systems. Only in some very limited models, versions working with communication technology may not work where standard versions work. You can find all such information on the product pages and you can give your preference in this direction. As Otomaskon, our recommendation is to keep the photocell positioning as low as possible. In photocell products positioned above, they can see each other from under the large tipper vehicles. Or in a different scenario, photocells positioned above cannot see children. An expert installer should know such information.

Sun protection for the outer covers is available on many models. Therefore, there is no need for additional apparatus. However, some Chinese production models may be affected by the sun. Protection apparatus can be made to guarantee this situation, but there is no need for quality products.

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